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12-Month E-Newsletter Plan

12 month e newsletter

Stay on target. Stay top of mind. Keep them informed & engaged!

  • When should I send an e-newsletter?
  • What & how much info should I include?
  • Who should I send it to?

Your unique 12-month E-News Plan will include:

  • market research (specific to your company & industry)
  • an in-depth competitive analysis
  • optimal days, times and frequencies that you should be pushing communication to email inboxes
  • a 12-month strategic plan that includes subject lines and targeted messaging to specific contact lists

Expected delivery time for this plan: 4 weeks

* Plans are developed and provided for your team to facilitate. If you need outsourced assistance, our team is ready to help.
** We also work with the SimplyMail E-News system provider that delivers customized templates in an easy-to-use system. 

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